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Birthday Dreams CSI: NY - Taylor/Flack - Prompt - 05 Dreams

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TITLE: Birthday Dreams
E-MAIL: derek.morgan.tallikut@gmail.com
PAIRING: Mac Taylor/Don Flack
PROMPT: 05) Dreams
SUMMARY: Dreams can come true.
NOTES: Hugs and Cuddles to Chris for pointing out the spelling errors and for also being not only some inspiration but a sounding board for my ramblings!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them just simply borrow them from time to time.


Don and Mac were in the DNA lab waiting for results. It was late and Mac had called Saige and told her not to wait up for them, looking at his watch he was glad he did.

“It’s Saige’s birthday next week.” Don said out of the blue.

Mac looked up at him in surprise. “I thought that was in May?” he asked.

Don smiled sheepishly. “Saige’s birthday is May 7th, but ‘Sierra’s’ birthday is November 28th.”

When Mac just stood there looking at him in astonishment Don shrugged and gave the full dimpled smile that meant he was up to no good.

“Don?” Mac growled.

“Easy Mac, it was on one of the meme’s that we gave her.” Don said softly, but still smiling.

Mac teased with a smile, “So those things were good for something huh?”

“So what are we gonna do for her?” Don asked.

Mac thought for a few minutes and then a smile slowly spread across his face.

While they waited for the results Mac told Don what he thought they could do for Saige’s birthday.


Saige was just walking into the house when she heard music coming from the living room. She was just putting her keys on the table in the hallway when she noticed rose petals leading a path up the stairs.

On the second floor landing there was a note that said, “There is a dress waiting for you in the bedroom. Please put it on and follow the roses. D&M”

Hurrying into the bedroom she placed the flowers that she had collected so far on the dresser and gasped when she saw the dress.

It was a sapphire blue, strapless, floor length dress with a fitted bodice embroidered with flowers, leaves and vines and a flared skirt. Hurrying to change Saige put the dress on and looked at herself in the mirror.

Looking back at Saige was a woman she hadn’t seen in many years. Tears sprang to her eyes and wiping them away she left the room and went back to the stairs.

Followed the red, yellow, white, lavender and blue petals up the stairs to the third floor, picking the remaining flowers up she got to the third floor and gasped.

Don and Mac were standing at the entrance of the third floor living room in tuxedos. Both had a bouquet of flowers in their hands.

“What’s this?” she asked softly.

“Happy Birthday Sierra.” Don said softly as he came forward and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“What? How?” she asked in shock.

“The meme’s that Don gave you. You put both your birthdays on it.” Mac explained as he also came forward and kissed her cheek.

“You guys didn’t have to…” she said brokenly.

Mac smiled, “We wanted to do this for you.”

“We love you Saige.” Don said. “Come see.”

Flowers in hand Saige allowed each man to take an arm and guide her into the room. What she saw made her gasp.

“Oh.” Was all she could say.

Mac and Don had set up the room to resemble a ballroom, with soft lighting and music playing in the background. There was a chocolate fountain and strawberries and champagne chilling on a corner table.

“We wanted to let you know that we love all of you, not just bits and pieces.” Mac said.

Looking up at both men she said softly, “I love you both so very much. Thank you.”


Don and Mac spent the evening dancing with Saige, feeding her chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries and showing her how much they loved her.

Lying in bed that night, she smiled and said, “I’ve always dreamed of having a birthday like this. I love you both, thank you.”

“We love you Saige,” Don and Mac said together before they all fall asleep.

* * *