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Welcome to 5_roses! This is a no pressure community where people who don't have a lot of time but still love to write/draw hang out. All fandoms are welcomed and make sure you have a good time.

1) You may claim a pairing, a character, a friendship, whatever (threesomes and moresomes welcome). The fanwork (fanfiction or fanart) must center on that pairing/character/friendship.
2) You may claim up to two (2) claims. We want everyone to have a chance to make a claim on something they want. ;)
3) Write/draw at least one theme a month. You may ask for an extension if you need one; trust me, you'll get it. ;)
4) Lj-cut is your friend. Please cut the body of you story or the artwork. We don't want to kill anyone's friendslist.
5) Make sure to check the claims list before requesting a character or pairing.

The Themes

1) Bad day
2) Awkward Silence
3) Stupid comments
4) Guess who's coming to dinner?
5) Dreams

A flower of some kind must be in the story or fan art. Either literally or symbolically.

Writing/Drawing You Claim
Make sure to use the following format:
Your subject line should look like this: Title (Fandom, pairing, and theme #).

Theme #:
Disclaimer (if not original work):

Go here to claim your character/pairing.